Alfalfa and Hay Division

Integrating the acquisition, sale and transportation of alfalfa and other forage our fleet of 20 custom-designed, dedicated late model 2 axle Peterbilts and Hay Squeeze provide reliable and efficient service to dairymen and growers throughout the Central and Southern California.  

We also bring hay in from ranches in Oregon and Nevada filling the dairy sheds and hay press operations here within California.

With this wide operation and customer base our drivers stay busy year around even during the winters months.
DIrections to Main Office

Main Office
Directions to Dispatch Office7134 Tremont Road
Dixon, Ca 95620
707-678-6071 Fax
Dispatch Office
Directions to Bakersfield Truck Yard8714 Sparling Lane
Dixon, Ca 95620
707-678-7501 Fax
Bakersfield Truck Yard
647 Manwell Blvd
Bakersfield, Ca 93307
661-363-6467 Fax
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